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10 Best Winter Ford F-150 Tires in 2020

10 Best Winter Ford F-150 Tires in 2020

With winter just around the corner, it's important to ensure your Ford truck is ready with winter tires. Luckily, here at Bennett Dunlop Ford parts, we have an excellent selection of Ford F-150 tires for sale to help you prepare for the snowy roads ahead. To help you out, we've compiled a list of the ten best winter tires for your Ford F-150 below. These fantastic choices will help adequately prepared you for the Saskatchewan winters. Keep reading to find out more.


Ford F-150 Tires in 2020


1. Bridgestone Blizzaks


The Blizzaks are very popular tires that are designed to be used in ice and snow. Enhanced tread design gives great traction for better confidence. They perform best in deep snow, packed snow, and ice. However, they don't come with a warranty so that is something worth considering when buying.


2. Michelin Latitude X-Ice


The Latitude X-Ice tires are great for packed snow and come with a 6 year or 40,000 km warranty. These tires are well-loved among pickup owners but can make your ride a little bit on the noisy side.


3. Goodyear Duratracs


Goodyear Duratracs look rugged and have a longer average thread life than the Latitude X-Ice and Blizzaks. They perform best on packed snow and are designed to be an on/off-road traction tire.


4. Cooper Discoverer M+S


The Cooper Discoverer M+S tires have a rugged look and are great for deep snow, packed snow, and ice. They have an average thread life and come with a standard limited warranty you'll want to ask about before purchasing.


5. Nokian Hakkepeliitta LT2


While they may have a shorter tread life, the Nokian Hakkepeliitta LT2s are perfect for deep snow, packed snow, and ice. They also come fitted with studs right out of the factory, so if you need the extra gripping power, they've got it.


6. Sumitomo Ice Edge Studable Tire


Sumitomo's are perfect for winter because they can be studded or not, depending on your needs. The radial design is perfect for gripping the road and giving you an edge while on ice. These tires will last you for many winters.


7. Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT


The Ultra Grip Ice WRT (Winter Reactive Technology) tires from Goodyear are originally meant for off-roading but are also well-suited for driving in deep snow and can be studded if needed.


8. Nordman 7


Nordman 7 tires are from a division of Nokian and are much like the Hakkepeliittas but with slightly older technology. These are best for light pickups and can also be studded.


9. Dunlop Maxx SJ8


Dunlop Maxx SJ8 tires are Goodyear's luxury brand. These are your go-to winter tires that are worthy of serious consideration if you have the cash to spend on a great set of tires.


10. Toyo Open Country WLT-1


Open Country tires have typically been made for light pickups and crossovers for many years but now have been developed for more rugged pickups like the F-150. These should be on your shortlist for winter tires.

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