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Affordable Financing & Car Loans in Regina

Like to plan ahead? At Bennett Dunlop Ford, you don’t need to wait until you’re at the dealership to start the paperwork. Our online credit application form helps you get pre-approved for credit quickly and easily, which saves you time at the dealership – time you could be spending on the open road! Apply online for financing and car loans in Regina today!

Consult an Auto Financing Expert

You’ve done the research, taken the test drive, and decided on the perfect Ford vehicle. The next step towards collecting the keys is finding a financing solution that fits your lifestyle and budget. Whether you're looking for a lease or car loan in Regina, the friendly finance experts at Bennett Dunlop Ford can help!

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Know Your Options 

We take great pride in helping our customers discover the joys of car ownership. At Bennett Dunlop Ford, we work with all the major lending institutions, so you can be sure you’re getting the best rate and terms. We also know that everyone’s road to their next new or pre-owned vehicle is different, and with our years of experience, we’ve been able to help people from many different financial backgrounds get behind the wheel of a reliable and safe vehicle.

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Improve Your Financial Health

One of the best ways to rebuild credit is with regular payments on a major purchase, such as a vehicle. Regardless of your credit history, we will work with you and find you the best financing solution. Our financial advisors will guide you through the process, helping you each step of the way.  Your road to better financial health begins with an exceptional financing solution and quality vehicle from Bennett Dunlop Ford!

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Get in Touch with Us Today!

Contact a member of our finance team today for more information on the great financing options we currently have available. At Bennett Dunlop Ford, we’re proud to offer some of the best deals and financing options in Regina and beyond!

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Lease Vs. Buy

Finance isn't the only option available for driving a car away from Bennett Dunlop Ford. Leasing offers an affordable way of enjoying the quality of a brand-new Ford, without the long-term commitment of a credit agreement. What are the most important differences between leasing and buying?





Shorter Term

The typical term is between two and four years, giving you greater flexibility. Once your lease is completed, it's easy to upgrade to a new model.
Financing a new vehicle often means taking out credit that ties you in for five to seven years.


Continuous Warranty


With lease lengths of between two and four years, you could be continuously covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Extended warranty options are more flexible than leasing for the length of your term or longer.


Monthly Payments

Leasing usually offers lower monthly costs than finance. At the end of the lease, you now have three options Trade-in & upgrade, buy out, or hand the keys in.

Payments remain the same throughout the length of the loan and terms are longer than leasing.


With leasing, the downpayment is usually much lower or even zero.

Getting a good finance deal can often involve making a hefty downpayment depending on the vehicle.


Credit Ratings

 Leasing offers easier credit approvals based on less risk to the bank.
Financing can offer packages for most financial circumstances.


Kilometre Allowance

Most packages set a limit of how many kilometres you can clock up in a year, with charges added if you drive more. Every lease has flexible options to ensure you have the right kilometer allowance for your driving habits.

There will be no kilometre allowance when you buy or finance a new or used car not an issue for buyers.

Should You Lease or Buy?

Both leasing and financing have their advantages. If you want to drive a new car for less and also update it regularly, then leasing is a great solution. In leasing, taxes aren't paid upfront but on each individual payment so leasing can put you even further ahead.

If you want to build ownership in your vehicle, or if your credit rating is less than perfect, then financing is a more attractive option.

Award-Winning Expertise

At Bennett Dunlop Ford, we offer a service experience that goes above and beyond. But don’t just take our word for it! We’re proud to be one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. This means that our finance specialists not only have extensive experience in getting you the best possible rates on car loans in Regina, but you can also look forward to customer service that turns shopping for a vehicle into the start of your next great adventure!

We’ve also been awarded the Diamond Club President’s Award for outstanding customer service and satisfaction. No other dealership in Regina can say that!