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Used Vehicle Review: Ford Fusion

Used Vehicle Review: Ford Fusion

The rise of the SUV in the Canadian market seems to be unstoppable. One of the few alternatives in recent years was the Ford Fusion, offering a refreshing sedan body shape, great performance, and a high level of comfort.


The bad news is that Ford recently announced they were phasing out production, focusing instead on the all-conquering SUV and truck formats.


The much better news is that the Fusion was a consistently high seller, and its reliability means there are plenty of cars available on the pre-owned market. If you see a used Ford Fusion for sale, should you buy it? Read our review to help you decide.


Under the Hood Features


Under the Hood Features


Depending on the model year, the Ford Fusion offered a range of engine choices. The most common standard engine was a 2.5L, four-cylinder model producing a perfectly respectable 175 horsepower, with an upgraded 2.0L turbo EcoBoost version available packing 240hp.


Of interest to drivers who like their sedans sleek and sporty, later years also saw a 2.7L V6 pushing out 325hp, taking the Fusion to an entirely new level of performance.


For those looking for greater fuel economy, smaller 1.5L and 1.6L turbo options were produced, although for the longer-lasting economy the most modern Fusion releases offered both hybrid and plugin hybrid choices pairing the electric motor with a 2.0L gas engine.


Nearly all used models you'll find for sale offer automatic transmission paired with front-wheel drive, although the all-wheel drive was available as an optional extra. If AWD is important to you, check that any used Fusion model you inspect has it installed, as it wasn't a hugely popular seller.



Extra Features


Extra Features


Beyond the powertrain options, the Fusion offers a wide selection of features depending on the year and model. Expect to see upscale options including heated power seats, automatic climate control, navigation, radar cruise control, and more.


However, as you'd expect from a used car with such a long history, modern benefits such as smartphone connectivity and advanced touchscreen operation are relatively rare.



Pros and Cons


One of the greatest benefits of buying a used car is that you can refer to the likes and dislikes of previous owners given on review sites across the web.


In general, Fusion drivers enjoyed the high ride quality, good fuel economy, upmarket comfort, and a wide range of performance levels available.


Less popular was the Ford Sync system used for communications and entertainment, which was more than a little clunky in its earlier versions. Also, the rear legroom could be a touch cramped for larger adults.



Used Ford Fusion: The Verdict


Sedans are increasingly hard to find unless you head upscale to the high-performance category. However, a used Ford Fusion makes an attractive choice if you're looking in that market. It's capable, comfortable, and offers something a little different from the ever-present SUV.

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