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Top 10 Ford F-150 Mods & Upgrades for 2020

Top 10 Ford F-150 Mods & Upgrades for 2020

The 2020 Ford F-150 has been around for much of the year so you already know that not much changed for this year's design. However, there were some new 2020 Ford F-150 mods created as well as new upgrades for 2020 that you might not be aware of. Now that you've found your perfect pickup, it's time to make it truly feel like your own with some Ford F-150 mods and upgrades from Bennet Dunlop Ford.


1. Tonneau Cover

Whether you're choosing one that rolls, folds, or retracts, tonneau covers keep your gear secured and away from prying eyes (and sticky fingers). When you need more vertical space for an item, it can easily be removed and stored in your garage. The best part? Ford F-150s are one of the most popular pickups on the market so you have plenty of tonneau cover options.


2. Performance Tuner

If your truck has the EcoBoost engine, you can get more power and efficiency out of it with a performance tuner.


3. New Air Intake

Choose between cold air and short ram intakes depending on your truck's needs and allow more air in to burn more fuel, which will allow you to go faster. Sure, your F-150 came with an air intake, but it's fairly conservative compared to an aftermarket one.


4. Performance Exhaust System

For the V8 crowd, if you want your truck to be heard, you'll want a performance exhaust system. Choose from a range of systems that can make you loud and intimidating or subtle and rumbling.


5. Custom Floor Liners


No one likes having to vacuum out their vehicle all the time. Mitigate messes and keep your vehicle in great shape for longer with some custom floor liners. You'll want to choose all-weather ones, especially with winter on its way so that they can be quickly and easily hosed down as needed.


6. Custom Fit Seat Covers



Like the floor mats, seat covers help make keeping things clean a lot easier. They also help with wear and tear on your seats because it's way more expensive to have to repair upholstery than it is to buy and wash a seat cover.


7. Nerf Bars

Make things easier on your knees and shorter passengers with nerf bars, drop steps, running boards, rock sliders with built-in steps, or power running boards. Trucks aren't getting any shorter and you can save yourself and your passengers by literally having a step up.


8. Truck Bed Accessories

From bed liners to bed tents, toolboxes, and chase racks, find everything you need for the back of your truck to keep your gear stowed, organized, and secured.


9. Custom Suspension


Depending on your plans for your truck, you may need to replace your suspension or just get something that more closely aligns with your needs.


10. Grille Guards and Bull Bars


For an aggressive look and extra front end protection, consider a grille guard or bull bar to help beef up your front end and absorb extra impact.

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