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5 Recommended Accessories for Your 2020 Ford Edge

5 Recommended Accessories for Your 2020 Ford Edge

Once you've found the perfect SUV for your needs, you'll want to personalize it to ensure it's well-equipped to handle everything you intend to use it for. When you've purchased your 2020 Ford Edge from Bennett Dunlop Ford, come back and visit our parts department for an extensive selection of Ford Edge accessories to get your vehicle equipped with everything your heart desires. If you're not quite sure where to start with accessorizing your vehicle, we've compiled this helpful article to tell you about the best 2020 Ford Edge accessories you can get for your vehicle right here at Bennett Dunlop Ford today!




If you're into outdoor activities, chances are you are going to want some racks to ensure you're able to take all your equipment with you. From bike racks to a variety of roof racks, we've got everything you need to make your next outdoor adventure a success. Besides your standard roof rack, we offer racks for your canoe, kayak, and paddleboard. There's also a roof basket to store more of your gear beside an upright rack such as one for a kayak. Not to mention the bike racks that mount to your back hitch, freeing up space on top of your vehicle for things like boards or skis.


Covers and Guards


Keep your 2020 Ford Edge in the best condition possible with accessories such as a car cover when you won't be using it for a while and splash guards for muddy roads. There's also a rear bumper cover to keep the upper surface from being damaged while you're loading and unloading cargo.



Interior Mats and Organization


When you think accessories, you likely think seat covers and things to make the vehicle feel more like "you" however, don't ignore the less noticed conveniences that will make your life a lot easier like cargo mats, floor mats that can be removed, and cleaned easily, and cargo organizers to keep all of your things neat no matter where the road takes you. We also offer a small refrigerator bin to help keeps perishables cold while you're on your next adventure.




Kit out your Ford Edge with electronic keypad entry, a security system, remote start for when you want your vehicle to be warmed up or cooled down before you get in, parking sensors to assist in backing up, and an anti-theft flasher. These practical accessories help ensure your vehicle is always safe and secure while the remote start saves you time scraping your car in the winter by shaving off precious time thanks to being nice and warm.


Maintenance Items


Of course, there are also the essential maintenance items you'll need to pick up for your 202 Ford Edge like replacement oil filters, engine air filters, and cabin air filters. Replacement wiper blades and thicker winter blades are highly recommended for those heavy snowfalls Saskatchewan is known for. Trust us, it's a gamechanger.


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