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2020 Ford Fusion Reviews

2020 Ford Fusion Reviews

The popularity of the mid-size sedan has been slowly dwindling over the last two decades, as the mighty SUV takes over more and more of the Canadian market. This is unfortunate for those who value the traditional style, performance, and convenience aspects that only a great sedan can bring.


2020 Ford Fusion Reviews - Bennett Dunlop Ford


However, one of the leading lights which still remain is the Ford Fusion, recently given a makeover for 2020. There are rumours that this will be the last major release of this successful line, so here's why you should buy a new Ford Fusion while you can still find one for sale.


Styling and Looks


The 2020 Fusion is a neatly designed sedan with smooth, flowing edges, and a low profile which hints at power under the hood.


2020 Ford Fusion Reviews - Interior


The base model can look a little anonymous - which may suit to your taste - but additional options such as larger wheels, silver accents, and extra LED lighting can add plenty more character. All eight of the available finishes are based on a blue, red, or monochrome metallic theme.


Engine and Performance Specs


The base-level Fusion is equipped with a 2.5L four-cylinder engine providing a serviceable 175 horsepower, and powering front-wheel drive only. However, things soon improve with the two other engine options.




First, a 1.5L turbo design delivers 181hp, again front-wheel drive only, while a 2.0L turbo pushes out 245hp to all-wheel drive. Both turbo options feature greatly improved acceleration performance from a standing start and also during passing.


Across the range, a six-speed automatic transmission is a sole option. However, it's carefully tuned to provide smooth and comfortable handling under everyday conditions, so it's an option you won't be disappointed with.


Lastly, the brakes and suspension are all highly capable, contributing to an enjoyable all-round drive feel, particularly with the larger engine which pushes the sedan along with controlled aggression.


Technology Features



One notable inclusion for the 2020 Ford Fusion is the excellent Co-Pilot 360 driver-assist suite as standard across the range. The system adds features including bling spot monitoring, lane-keeping assist, pre-collision assist, and more.


The basic Fusion's touchscreen is a mere 4.3" in size, and is used to control the rather outdated SYNC infotainment system. A much better option is to move up one or more trim levels, where an 8" screen is used to control the vastly better SYNC3 system.


Test Drive the 2020 Ford Fusion for Sale in Regina


If you're looking for a capable and comfortable sedan rather than an SUV or coupe, the Ford Fusion fits the bill - especially above the base trim. Call us now to arrange a test drive from our Regina showroom, to see for yourself that there's plenty of life in the sedan format yet.

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