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Ford Models 2020

Ford models

Latest Ford models available in Regina

At Bennett Dunlop Ford, you'll find the most up to date information on our latest Ford trucks, SUVs, cars, and more. Ford is known to built to last better and has high torque and power output which makes them fun to drive around and we at Bennett Dunlop Ford are proud to offer the full selection of Ford vehicles.

To find more information click on each of the following models to read our up to date review on each model.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bennett Dunlop Ford sell parts?

At the Bennett Dunlop Ford Parts Centre, it doesn’t matter whether you’re replacing a worn-out part on your vehicle, or looking to add custom options to your performance car. We have all of the parts you need whether it’s a repair or an upgrade. Click here to find out more.


What are the 2020 Ford Models that you are selling?

We have all the latest models for sale! Please check out our new vehicle listing page for more information.